We-Care.com, a leader in philanthropic technology, allows its users to support charity while shopping, searching, and being social. We-Care.com leverages our users' compassion to increase market share for socially conscious businesses.

Our Mission

To unite brands, people, and charities through philanthropic technology, and to create opportunities to give back in everyday life.

Our Story

“We-Care.com truly developed as a passion project. I had this idea that the behaviors people engage in every day are valuable, and believed we could take that value and accrue it to a positive benefit. By empowering users to choose the cause that their personal value goes to, we hope to make change in the world, one step at a time.”

August 2008

We-Care.com launches!

September 2009

We-Care.com partners with the ASPCA and proves that good things come to those who wait.

Year 2011

We-Care.com donates a total of $1,131,778.23.

May 2012

We-Care.com donates $15,092.41 to Paul Newman's SeriousFun camp. SeriousFun camp provides a fun environment that allows children with diseases (many of them terminal) to just be kids.

November 2012

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We-Care.com collaborates with Save the Children, the ASPCA, World Vision, and the American Red Cross to assist with disaster relief efforts for Hurricane Sandy.

December 2012

We-Care.com funds eight Leukapheresis experiments to move us one step closer to a cure for AIDS.

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June 2013

We-Care.com funds a well in Haiti that provides clean, safe water to 700 people every single day.

June 2013

We-Care.com collaborates with Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, Operation USA, and Save the Children to fund relief efforts for the Oklahoma tornado.

August 2013

We-Care.com celebrates 5 years of incorporating giving into our users' everyday lives.

December 2013

We-Care.com is invited to speak at the World AIDS Day concert in Los Angeles.

January 2014

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We-Care.com changes the lives of 23 families by providing 10 children with autism and 13 children with SMA iPads to help them communicate with loved ones and participate in more activities than ever before.

January 2014

We-Care.com earns $9,987.17 for Khusi Hona, an organization that will work with We-Care to build a vocational center for children in the red light district of Varanasi, India. The center will offer children that would otherwise be destined to a life in the sex trade, an opportunity to break free from slavery and realize their true potential. The center will train the children in computer skills and sewing skills.

February 2014

We-Care.com raises $10,027.35 for Operation USA to supply victims of Typhoon Haiyan with supplies needed to resume their education.

March 2014

We-Care.com teams up with Bottomless Closet and raises $6,038.61 to help dress and prepare women who have been out of the workplace.

April 2014

300,000 fans on Facebook!

April 2014

We-Care.com works with International Book Bank to deliver 13,744 books to UN-run schools formed to support refugees in Lebanon. Our donation of $4,221.42 provides these children with an opportunity to continue their education.

May 2014

We-Care.com funds a camp for children who have lost parents in the line of duty (police, firemen, and soldiers). We-Care donates $5,604.18 to Heroes Honor (formerly Love a Hero) to allow 30 children to attend the camp and interact with others who truly understand what they've gone through.

June 2014

We-Care.com dedicates the full month to spreading awareness about skin cancer. We-Care partners with Shade Foundation to provide 275 children and their families with kits to gear them up for, and educate them on sun protection.

July 2014

We-Care.com donates $10,410.54 to Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) to light and power up a school using sustainable resources.

September 2014

We-Care.com, in partnership with Eflixir and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, hosts a tribute to Robin Williams.

December 2014

We-Care.com gifts toys to 73 children in Harlem, NY.

February 2015

Valentine's with the children of NYU's Tisch Pediatrics and Fink Children's Ambulatory Care Center. We-Care heads to Midtown East ready to make memories (and Valentine's Day cards) with chronically and severely ill kids when they needed it most.

February 2015

Sweeps4aCause announces its first $12,000 winner, and $12,000 for Save the Children as the chosen cause winner.

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